Who am I?

What an interesting first task. To say that to answer such a question is difficult would be an understatement. By trying to answer the question I have found myself in what can only be described as a pause. I like to consider myself a writer, but earn my money by being an office manager. I’d like to consider myself a parent, but am, infact, a step-parent to 4 wonderful girls. And I’d like to consider myself amusing, kind (ah yes, that most underrated of words….kind), and I’d like to think of myself as dependable, loyal, and sometimes a right pain in the ass. While I head back to my desk – I am grabbing a few moments to lunch – I will post this and try to come back to it later. Shhhh, secretly I’m biding more time to think about the question! Ha!

Happy posting…..



4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. It is a pleasure to get to know a bit about you this way, and I am sure that as we “classmates” all get into gear we will develop a fun friendly learning environment.

    The way you describe your reasons for taking the course sound a lot like my own. Through the discipline of daily posting, and constructive commenting, I hope to find my “voice” and audience. I hope you find all that you are after too.


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