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Regular Feature: Bespoke Storytelling

I’m rather hoping to commit to a weekly Bespoke Storytelling Service, probably appearing on a Saturday or a Sunday. Throughout my week I will choose a story, perhaps sparked by something a colleague has said, or a comment that my husband has made, and write it up. I am also spreading the word that if someone would like their story written up I will take that on as part of the bespoke story service. This is how 3 of the stories that already appear on my blog (‘A true story or a mere fabrication’, ‘The Anti Mugging’, and ‘Olivia’s Story: the WC’) came about.

I hope you all like the idea, and carry on reading. Thanks to anyone who has read, liked, followed or commented on my blog so far.

Please spread the word!

Who am I?

What an interesting first task. To say that to answer such a question is difficult would be an understatement. By trying to answer the question I have found myself in what can only be described as a pause. I like to consider myself a writer, but earn my money by being an office manager. I’d like to consider myself a parent, but am, infact, a step-parent to 4 wonderful girls. And I’d like to consider myself amusing, kind (ah yes, that most underrated of words….kind), and I’d like to think of myself as dependable, loyal, and sometimes a right pain in the ass. While I head back to my desk – I am grabbing a few moments to lunch – I will post this and try to come back to it later. Shhhh, secretly I’m biding more time to think about the question! Ha!

Happy posting…..

Another try…..

Day 3 of my new blog.

I’ve not really got a great deal to say (except nobody is replying or liking! Ha! Must be doing something very wrong). To be honest, as I’ve said, I don’t have much to say just yet and that is probably why nobody is very interested! However, I fell down the stairs this morning and have hurt my ankle. I am currently lying on the sofa, leg elevated, 15 minute ice pack every 2 hrs. Great! I’d much rather be in the pub…..what would happen if I just ditched the ice thing and went to the pub????? What’s the worse that can happen? Bye bloggers! I’ll fill you in next time, and let you know the outcome of a trip to the pub instead of ice and elevation!