Liebster Award questions and answers for Sam’s Story: The Lorry

Feleciadawn very kindly presented me for a Liebster Award for Sam’s Story: The Lorry. Here are her questions and my answers:

Feleciadawn: What is your favourite place to be?

Anniewat: London’s South Bank, followed by The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square, London.

FD: What do you want right this second?

AW: a cheese scone from Marks and Spencer’s.

FD: What is your favourite holiday?

AW: I love the May Bank Holiday here in the UK because it smells of summer. As far as a personal holiday: Thailand with Frankie, my husband.

FD: What are some of the favourite occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?

AW: A heart surgeon, a brain surgeon, and an actor. 1 of these I achieved.

FD: What was your first concert?

AW: Depeche Mode in Cardiff, sometime in the mid 80’s!

FD: What is your favourite season?

AW: Mmmm, tricky….Spring or Autumn, but too close to call.

FD: Do you have any nicknames, and if so, what are they?

AW: Ha, yes! My husband, and sometimes my step kids, call me Wad. And my dad calls me Annie Baby.

FD: Do you have any pets?

AW: Not at the moment, but had a childhood cat called Tinker, and a pair  of brother and sister cats called Albert and Dylan. Albert was black with a white bib like a butler, and I thought the name Albert sounded butler-ish, and Dylan, the girl, was named after the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, a man. Mmmm.

FD: Where are you from?

AW: Originally, South Wales. Then London for 25 years. now Colchester.

FD: What is your favourite TV show/movie?

AW: My favourite movie has to be Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. My favourite TV show… changes constantly. At the moment I love, from the U.S., Revenge and Scandal, and from the UK I’ve just finished watching Broadchurch Series 2 and the amazing Wolf Hall.



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